Residency Applications – Applying for residency is a lengthy process that usually begins in June of the final year of medical school.  Residency slots around the United States are typically filled through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).  Residency applications are made through the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS).  Among other documents, students are required to submit scores for the USMLE Step1 and 2, at least three recommendation letters from professors/preceptors, official transcripts from SJSM, and the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) also provided by SJSM.

The school will contact students who are eligible to apply for residency through the email sent typically at the beginning of June containing all of the instructions and deadlines for the specific year.  Students will receive the Student MSPE Form which has to be filled out and sent back to the school via email together with other requested documents.   Applications are usually completed in the month of September before the school’s deadline.  Please note that once the MSPE is completed and submitted to ERAS there are no changes or corrections possible until the next year application if required.

Residency Resources

Once applications are submitted, programs will begin reviewing and selecting candidates for interviews. The Interview serves as a means for a program to find out about you and whether they believe you would be a good fit into their residency program. It is also an essential way for you to get to know a program, its strengths, weaknesses, culture, and whether it is a place you feel would be the best match to spend (at least) the next three years of your life. The ECFMG Certificate Holders Office has assembled a variety of resources to assist our students with preparation for the residency interview process, based on research and interviews with program directors.

Interview Resources

If you have any specific residency questions please email

 *Estimated Match Timelines* – This table will help students plan out rotations and exams based on what Match year they plan on participating in. Keep in mind the deadlines to register for prequalification exams are six weeks in advance of the testing window and scores will not be received until after the testing window closes. Also wait times to get an appointment for Step 2 CS can range from four to six months once you are approved to take this exam. Please take all this into consideration when planning your third & fourth year and when you will be able to participate in Match.