Rotations – The student participates in patient care while rotating through various medical specialties in affiliated hospitals. This system of rotational training is also known as the “clinical clerkship”, which is synonymous with clinical rotation. Training includes history taking, physical examination, laboratory analysis, case presentations, clinical workshops, and conferences. After the 5th semester, students are required to complete a short online Pre-Clinical Webinar administered through MySJSM.  Following the completion of the webinar, students must complete 80 weeks of clinical science broken up into 48 weeks of mandatory core rotations and 32 weeks of elective rotations. In order to schedule your rotations , please contact Clinical Department.


Core Rotations – Mandatory rotations in six specialties including:

  • Internal Medicine – 12 weeks
  • Surgery – 12 weeks
  • Family Medicine – 6 weeks
  • Pediatrics – 6 weeks
  • Psychiatry – 6 weeks
  • OB-GYN – 6 weeks

Elective Rotations – Wide range of specialties which can be chosen by the student. For example:

  • Policy
  • Neurology
  • Family Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pulmonology
  • Hematology/Oncology, etc.

Clinical Rotation Request Form

MySJSM- Upon enrollment in the core rotation student is automatically enrolled into the corresponding course in MySJSM.  There, each student will have access to the clerkship syllabus, cases (see below) and other pertinent information about the clerkship.

Introducing the New and Improved MYSJSM-CLINICAL. Click here for more information.

Student Assessment – Student are evaluated by the preceptors, attending physicians, and residents who have worked most closely with them during the clinical experience for the clinical grade. In addition to their clinical grade, students must also demonstrate acquisition of discipline specific knowledge bases by taking and passing end of clerkship examinations in each of the core disciplines. For this purpose the school uses the NBME shelf exams which are to be taken at Prometric testing center.  The test score will count towards 25% of the grade from the clinical rotation.

Clinical Logbook – For all core rotations students are required to submit a log of patient encounters in order to get the final grade for all core rotations. Each clerkship has a different number of procedures and conditions, which are known as targets, and these targets must be met by the end of the rotation in order to avoid additional remediation. Any questions related to the content of logbooks can be referred to the Office of the Dean of Clinical Science by emailing For technical problems, please email the Clinical Department at

Explanation of Logbooks

 Cases- In each core rotation, students  are required to complete one case per week in MySJSM.  Although cases do not carry any weight towards the grade, the completion of all cases is required before a final grade for the clerkship is released.  In case of problems or questions related to the clinical content please email  For technical problems please email


Core Rotation Grade Components

Preceptor Evaluation Institutional Diagnostic Examination Clinical Logbook CASES
75% 25% Pass/Fail Pass/Fail