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The medical field has a vast variety of specialties and deciding which path to take can be overwhelming for many who are pursuing a career as an M.D. Saint James strives to help our students navigate this process. By sharing a glimpse into the day in the life series, we hope that this will help you to understand the many opportunities to practice in the specialty of your interest.

Today, we are going to take a look at Nephrologists. Nephrologists specialize in kidneys and its associated diseases that are associated.

Some diseases that affect the kidneys may include:

  •  Chronic renal failure;
  •  Acute renal failure;
  •  Kidney stones;
  •  Tubulointerstitial diseases;
  •  Mineral metabolism;
  •  and chronic kidney diseases and end-stage renal disease and dialysis

Upon completion of medical school in internal medicine, a residency program in addition to a ACGME or AOA accredited fellowship in Nephrology is required prior to being certified to practice. Up and coming doctors may also take a track through pediatrics for an even more specialized role.

Take a look at the day in the life of a Nephrologist with Karen Griffin, M.D. at Loyola Fellowship and see if this may be a career path that peeks your interest:

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