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The Saint James School of Medicine celebrated its senior students’ residency matches this past Friday, March 20, with more than 45 future medical practitioners being placed across North America. As a process of gradual medical training, residencies allow students to receive in-depth training within their desired branch of medicine to complement their medical school education. It takes a lot of time and commitment to complete one’s residency, but the resilience and aptitude of the 2015 class bodes good tidings for their careers in medicine.

In addition to fantastic matches in anesthesiology, psychiatry, radiology and surgery, below are the students who gave consent to have their match shared; a large portion decided to keep their information private. Congratulations to all!

  • Tyler Clark, Family Medicine, WA
  • Emily Drake, Family Medicine, Canada
  • Lidya Golub, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Brian Malki, Anesthesiology, MI
  • Pamela Milano, Family Medicine, IL
  • Anshul Acharya, Family Medicine, LA
  • Veronica Acosta, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Talha Baloch, Psychiatry, IL
  • Quang Cao, Family Medicine, WI
  • Mayada Elian, Family Medicine, PA
  • Thalia Kamel, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Eric Lessard, Family Medicine, SC
  • Robyn Lovitt, Family Medicine, OK
  • Mohammad Luqman, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Daniel Mendrek, Family Medicine, Canada
  • Saad Mohsin, Family Medicine, WI
  • Mohammad Moiz, Family Medicine, IL
  • Faraaz Nayemuddin, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Michael Randazzo, Internal Medicine, MI
  • Syed Zia-ur Rehman Shah, Internal Medicine, IL
  • Noah Simon, Family Medicine, IL
  • Habeeba Sirajuddin, Family Medicine, IL
  • Seth Sturdivant, Family Medicine, IL
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