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A Chief Resident has a number of important responsibilities that help keep the residency program running smoothly and efficiently throughout the long days in the medical workplace. A typical day could have different challenges that require a Chief’s immediate attention, and this position is tasked with managing nearly every aspect of the residency program.

Mornings often begin quite early and entail several rounds of bedside teaching for residents and chairmen. Chiefs search for interesting cases that showcase to inters the diverse nature of the experiences they may have. Although it differs from hospital to hospital, often the Chief Resident hosts daily conferences or lectures to provide further information on cases and answer questions residents may have.

Other duties include hosting other programs that may rotate through their schedules, running orientation programs, and managing which areas of the hospital will need more residents for each particular day.

Check out the video below of┬áRenu Muttana, MD at Maimonides’ Department of Medicine and learn more about the importance of this well-known position.

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