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Physicians that specialize in the study and treatment of diseases related to the blood are referred to as hematologists. They also deal with cancers related to the blood, which adds several dimensions to their roles in diagnosis and developing preventative medicines. This field is expected to grow by 14% to 20% by year 2022, making it an attractive field for many medical students and those in internal medicine or pediatrics residencies.

The Saint James School of Medicine excellently prepares aspiring hematologists for a long and successful career, starting with Basic Sciences for MD1 – MD4. Our Microbiology course focuses on human diseases (infectious diseases) caused by microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. The relationship of medical microbiology to other health related sciences is essential for understanding blood work and analysis as a fully licensed practitioner. Biochemistry also assists in understanding the functions of major organs, tissues and systems, as they all relate to blood.

Watch the video below to see several hematologists diagnose and treat their different patients, who come in with a broad range of diseases.

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