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Jami Feltner Saint James School of Medicine Hilton HeadDoctor Jami Feltner, a 2012 graduate from the Saint James School of Medicine, joined the Medical Associates of Hilton Head this month. As reported in Bluffton Today, Dr. Feltner today focuses on disease prevention, management of chronic disease and healthy lifestyles. After graduating from the MD program, she spent three years training in internal medicine at the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Dr. Feltner believes optimal health care comes from a partnership between the patient and the doctor. Her goal is to educate, advise, and support her patients to a healthier, happier life. Her aim is to provide quality, individualized care that every patient deserves. In the short time that she has been a licensed practitioner, Jami has been awarded the 2013-2014 Internal Medicine Professionalism Award and the 2014-2015 Excellence in Ambulatory (Outpatient) Medicine Award.

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