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On February 5, Doctor Conrad Fischer—the country’s biggest star in USMLE exam prep—visited the clinical students in Chicago, Illinois for a full day of immersive lectures. He was met with great enthusiasm by our medical students and faculty, as explained by one audience member below!

“Attending the lecturers of a professor who is equally passionate about medicine and teaching is a treat. There are a lot of teachers in medicine who fail at motivating their students. They rely fully on fear tactics which can be quite demoralizing when on the receiving end. Or unfortunately are completely uninspired, resulting in a dull and uninformative experience.

Fischer is neither. He proves to be a motivator while simultaneously impressing the seriousness of the road ahead for medical students. He uses humour to our advantage and keeps us engaged in the material. He sets the bar high and his delivery makes us want to achieve that level. It would be wonderful to have him teach full concepts as well as integrated cases.

Most students who attended the lecture from the December batch were quite pleased to have had the opportunity to see him. And we are very thankful Dr. Dupaya was gracious enough to adjust our schedule. Thank you for giving us the opportunity for an unforgettable lecture experience.”

– Christina Groves

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