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The vast oceans in our world contains some of the most exotic, breathtaking species known to man. Here on Anguilla and SVG, we get to see this everyday. With over 1 million known marine species and more to be discovered, you never know what you’re going to find when diving into the deep blue sea.

Even after 12 years of swimming through oceans all around the world, conservation photographer Thomas Peschak is amazed by the beauty he sees around him every day. His mission is to capture the love contained within the ocean while encouraging us to look after the sea. As the leading predator on Earth, we as humans have an enormous impact on the ocean, meaning we have the ability to keep marine life out of harm’s way.

Why is it so important to protect marine life? In his immersive TED Talk, Peschak takes you on a visual journey through an underwater world that will captivate you. Take a look at what you could be saving if you make the effort to protect the seas here on the Caribbean.

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