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All students must complete a graduation paper before their degree will be conferred. Since it can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, the paper can be started in your third year.

To provide additional resources, each student will be registered for the Graduation Paper course in MySJSM after passing the USMLE Step 1. All students currently rotating will also be registered. The course will explain the requirements of the paper and how it will be evaluated.

Effective June 1, 2016, all students will be required to submit the proposal for their graduation paper topic to the Research Manager before they will be eligible to certify for either Step 2 exam. Any student who applies for either exam through ECFMG and is approved by the school prior to June 1 will not be required to submit the proposal before sitting for the exam at a later date. However, any student with a current eligibility period that does not pass or does not sit for the exam will be required to submit the proposal before the school will approve them for a new eligibility period.

This requirement is being implemented to ensure all students will be on track to graduate on time should they be accepted into a residency program.

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