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Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

On Wednesday, September 6th, Anguilla was hit by one of the most devastating hurricanes to make landfall in over 10 years.

Hurricane Irma has cut Anguilla off from power, communication, and supplies.

Saint James School of Medicine has been in operation in Anguilla since 2010. Anguilla and its people are a part of SJSM, and we would like to give back. Because of that, SJSM created a GoFundMe page to help support relief efforts on the island.

By October 10th, our participants raised $1905 and SJSM was able to match that for a total of $3,810 raised to help Anguillians rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Thank you to everyone who donated to our Hurricane Irma Relief Fundraiser for the Anguilla Red Cross!


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