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Social media is a vital part of life for most college students, but many colleges are discovering that social media is a vital tool in recruiting new students.

Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing Raj Mitra spoke with Crain’s about the role social media plays at Saint James School of Medicine – specifically as an overseas school, “ Social media is a tool that brings the Caribbean and the experience of Saint James closer to the prospective student.”

While Saint James is very active on Facebook and Twitter, it also utilizes Instagram to give students “the chance to explore school life and different aspects of the islands.”

A social media presence allows prospective students to connect with current students and grads, students to connect with faculty, and colleges to showcase their competitive advantages.

When it comes to colleges, social media is no longer just a time-waster, it’s a way to invest in your future.

Read the full Crain’s article here and learn more about how colleges like Saint James are using social media to entice students to their campuses.

Take a look at how Saint James Medical School is using social media to our advantage, and get a closer look at our school. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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