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Residency interviews are going to be a very important part of your life as a medical student. 


You have to prepare for it in the best way that you can. On top of being ready with the answers that you need to give during the interview, what you will be wearing is also crucial. The appropriate attire during the interview should support your image as someone who takes the interview as a serious and important business.


Dressing for Success


You should have heard of the expression, “dress for success” before and when it comes to residency interviews it definitely applies. 


Your attire during important day should be well-fitting and appropriate for the occasion. But you should not stand out. You do not want your clothes to be too noticeable. The rule is that if people remember you for what you are wearing, that’s most likely because it’s not appropriate.


Interview Attire Ideas for Women


Here are some interview attire ideas for women:


  1. Wear a two-piece matched suit. The skirt should be covering your thighs when you’re seated. The best colors would be black, navy, gray, or dark brown.
  2. Wear a tailored blouse or knit top. 
  3. Use leather shoes and avoid stilettos or platform shoes.
  4. You should carry a single bag or tote for the interview.


It is also a good idea to avoid wearing perfume or heavy makeup during the interview. The idea is not to draw attention to what you are wearing.


Interview Attire Ideas for Men


When it comes to interview attire ideas for men, here are several that are worth following:


  1. Wear a two-piece suit that is clean and neatly pressed. Go for coservative colors like navy or dark gray.
  2. Wear a long-sleeve shirt even if the temperature is high. White or light blue would be the best colors 
  3. Pick a tie that is conservative looking.
  4. Your belt and shoes should be matching in color. Make sure that your leather shoes are polished.


Try not to put too many things in your pockets so there would be no bulges. Do not forget to clean and trim your fingernails.


Additional Tips for on How to Residency Day


Here are some additional tips which you should keep in mind when dressing for residency day:


  • Prepare your attire the night before and make sure that there are no tears or missing buttons. 
  • With the exception of earrings for women, do not wear body-piercing jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or anything that would have too strong of a scent. 
  • Ideally, men should be clean-shaven though a beard or a mustache that is carefully trimmed is also acceptable. The point is that you should not look like you have not shaved for a few days.
  • Ideally, you should cover your tattoos..
  • Your clothes should fit you well.


Even if you are aware that the residents of a specific program dress casually, you should still follow the ideas here. In this kind of situation, it is better to be overdressed than not. Remember that the interview is a business meeting, which requires a formal attire.

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