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Saint James School of Medicine announces the Spring 2021 Dean’s List. To be eligible for the Dean’s List a student must achieve a minimum 3.5 grade point average for the semester on a 4.0 scale.

Congratulations to all of our students who made the Dean’s List this semester!

Name Year Campus
Adam, Leaha MD 5 Anguilla
Al Haddad, Eman MD 2 Anguilla
Berg, Samuel MD 3 Anguilla
Bollers, Velicia MD 4 St. Vincent
Chan, Leah MD 1 St. Vincent
Estes, Cheryl MD 2 St. Vincent
Gullabzada, Mansoor MD 2 St. Vincent
Gullabzada, Uzma MD 2 St. Vincent
Hickey, Lynn MD 1 Anguilla
Houshmand, Saleh MD 3 St. Vincent
Khomani, Ladan MD 1 Anguilla
Mable, Alonzo MD 1 St. Vincent
Matlock, Claire MD 1 St. Vincent
Miller, Christopher MD 4 St. Vincent
Nandyala, Dhatri MD 1 Anguilla
Ogbonmide, Toluwanimi MD 2 St. Vincent
Ovalle, Alejandrina MD 2 Anguilla
Rader, Hannah MD 5 Anguilla
Rahimi-zadeh, Shahrzad MD 3 Anguilla
Rikhy, Rahul MD 1 St. Vincent
Savage-Lobeck, David MD 4 Anguilla
Tran, Huy MD 4 Anguilla
VanHoof, Anna MD 1 St. Vincent
Watkinson, Liam MD 5 Anguilla
Wiciak, Michelle MD 4 St. Vincent
Wiredu, Bernard MD 4 St. Vincent
Yousif, Tiana MD 4 Anguilla




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