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Our Chicago Open House Shines

There is something special about becoming a doctor. From popular culture to literature, to the medicine men of lore, we are constantly fascinated by what it means to be a doctor. Their tales have been memorialized and mythologized for centuries. So it was on a warm May afternoon in Chicago that SJSM conducted one of […]

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Paging All Future MDs

The shortage of doctors in the United States and Canada hints at a dire forecast that many experts have cited could reach its’ apex sooner than we think—2025 is merely a few years away, and finding a specialist could be a difficult process. A recent report from The Association of American Medical Colleges, projects a […]

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Summer Semester Hits its High Note!

It’s summertime, and at Saint James School of Medicine—the easy, breezy, spirit of summer takes on a determined direction. As one of the premier choices in the Caribbean for an affordable and quality medical education, we offer our incoming students the chance to be part of a new generation of MDs. Our fall admission is […]

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Todays Match. Tomorrows future.

Here come the MATCHES! We would like to congratulate our 2018 Matches on their success and wish them good luck as they open the door to the world of medicine.   With the educational advantages that Saint James School of medicine provides, the challenges of Medical School and the competitive nature of the field, we […]

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In a League of Her Own

It takes fire in the belly and audacity to earn a medical degree. It isn’t just the high academic standards or the sterling character traits that embody the best and brightest in the field. There is an intangible factor that motivates one to a life of helping others. For Lincey Alexida it’s been a combination […]

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Doctor as Crusader: The Life and Times of Dr. Cecil Cyrus

A “living legend” is how renowned Vincentian surgeon and octogenarian Dr. A. Cecil Cyrus is often described by his colleagues and fellow citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Of the many hats he’s worn during his long life—doctor, writer, orator, sportsman, horticulturist, humanitarian, philanthropist—Dr. Cyrus is also revered as a national hero for reforming […]

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It’s a Match for IMGs!

Opportunities are better than ever for international medical graduates looking to enter a U.S. residency training program. That’s the exciting news from the 2018 Match Day. Falling this year on Friday, March 16, Match Day is the appointed time when medical school graduates, hearts pounding, finally learn which residency programs they’ve been ‘matched’ to. This […]

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Smoothing the Undergraduate-to-Medical-Student Transition

Med schools attract the best and brightest. But in every class, some students struggle. It isn’t for lack of intellect or ability. To make a smooth transition to medical school, you need to prepare according to You’re going to need to adjust to a fast pace because you’re going to learn more in a […]

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