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Anxious woman

Boosting Natural Brain Opioids may be a better way to treat Anxiety

Recent findings by University of Sydney scholars are indicating that medications that boost the effect of natural brain opioids might help to reduce anxiety better than ‘receptor-binding’ opioid drugs such as morphine, which can have major side effects. The human body is a complex machine. Medical News Today writes that fear and anxiety (which help to […]

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Woman with MS sitting in a wheelchair

Possible New Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis found in Restoring Myelin Formation

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a condition where the immune system attacks and destroys myelin: the protective coating of nerve fibers, which triggers movement problems characteristic of the disease. Researchers are now suggesting that they may have discovered a way to restore myelin formation, bringing ever closer the possibility of new treatments for MS. In their new […]

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Insulin Resistance

How You Can Improve Your Insulin Resistance

Diabetes is a serious condition that can develop in people whose insulin is too resistant, and therefore makes it harder for glucose to be absorbed. Insulin is a hormone which aids the body in absorbing glucose, and helps to keep blood sugar levels in balance. When the body is unable to absorb glucose, problems for muscles, […]

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Drug addict concept

A Potential New Treatment for Opioid Abuse is found in Weight Loss Drug

In the US, opioid abuse is a significant public health issue. While treatments for opioid abuse are available, these programs often suffer high dropout rates. Published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, a new study led by Kathryn A. Cunningham (a professor of pharmacology and Director of the Center for Addiction Research in the University of Texas Medical Branch […]

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Laughing girls

The neuroscience of humor: why some people are funny and others aren’t

A new study has taken a closer look inside the brains of professional comedians and compared them with less humorous humans to find out how neuroscience corresponds with creativity. Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles recently undertook what could be considered a rather ambitious project: finding out what brain processes are […]

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Woman eating chocolate

Craving chocolate isn’t unusual – here’s how to resist it mindfully

Anyone who loves chocolate knows how hard it is to resist. Even just thinking of it can make it impossible to ignore until some is eaten. However, it seems as though applying mindfulness might be the key to help stop these cravings, as researchers from Flinders University in Australia have revealed how cognitive delusion and guided imagery was used to lower […]

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