Beyond the Classroom: Strengthen Your Resume by Getting Involved

  While a strong academic showing will certainly play a large role in the clinical and residency application process, it’s your extracurricular experiences that will really set you apart from the pack.   SJSM encourages every student to volunteer throughout the community and participate in events that will enrich your skill set. But you might […]

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The Advantages of Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

  There’s a growing need for qualified physicians in the U.S. At Saint James, you’ll find a world-class medical education that offers the same curriculum and meets the same rigorous standards as American and Canadian medical schools. It’s fair to say that the primary difference is our Caribbean location – and that offers some unique […]

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The Dollars & Sense of SJSM: What You Get for the Money

  Medical school is expensive, and no more so than in America. According to the Washington Post, the average cost of a medical education at a U.S. public institution has risen 312% over the last 20 years. In 2018, average tuition and fees amount to $138,400 per degree in-state and $196,000 per degree out-of-state.   […]

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