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Pig genome could be edited to help with human organ transplants

Edited pig genome could aid human transplants

Pigs organs may offer potential for human transplants in the future, according to a story that recently appeared on CNN. But a few obstacles still stand in the way, While pig organs are similar in size and function to human organs, they can carry what’s known as porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs). Retroviruses, like those found […]

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Coprinus comatus is an edible mushroom typically found in North America and Europe.

Leukemia Treatment Findings in Mushroom Protein

New research suggests mushroom protein could be used to kill leukemia cells. Also called “lawyer’s wig” or “shaggy ink cap,” Coprinus comatus is an edible mushroom typically found in North America and Europe. It grows in meadows and grasslands but may also be found along roads or on lawns in residential areas. When mature, the mushroom […]

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Fountain of Youth

An Unexpected Fountain of Youth

Old rats appeared newly invigorated after receiving injections of cardiac stem cells from young hearts, a study published in the European Heart Journal reveals. Dr. Eduardo Marban, primary researcher in the study, compares the results to “an unexpected fountain of youth.” The search for better heart treatments is nothing new. For some 12 years, Dr. Marban […]

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Rush Hour Exposure

How bad is exposure to ‘rush hour’ pollution?

It’s no secret that rush hour traffic emissions are detrimental. Recent findings may clarify just how bad these pollutants can be, with levels of some harmful particulates inside car cabins twice as high as previously believed. In a study by researchers from Duke University, Emory University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, teams attached uniquely-designed […]

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Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts on Anguilla 

Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts On Wednesday, September 6th, Anguilla was hit by one of the most devastating hurricanes to make landfall in over 10 years. Hurricane Irma has cut Anguilla off from power, communication, and supplies. Saint James School of Medicine has been in operation in Anguilla since 2010. Anguilla and its people are a […]

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Post-Hurricane Jose Update 3

Dear Students & Parents: Although the SJSM campus is currently operational between 9 am to 4 pm, the issues that still remain are power, running water, and debris clean-up in certain areas of the island. Information coming out of the island suggests that Anguilla is working towards restoring normalcy. Our primary concern is the safety […]

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Post-Hurricane Irma Day 2 Update. Dated: 9/08/2017

On the 6th September, Hurricane Irma passed over Anguilla. Anguilla sustained considerable damage to buildings and homes, there was some flooding in areas, and general power supply is still off. The SJSM campus itself sustained relatively minimal damage, with some broken windows, doors, and some water seeping into some rooms. Other than that the buildings […]

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Post-Hurricane Irma Day 1 Update, Dated: 9/7/2017.

Yesterday Hurricane Irma passed over Anguilla with wind gusts up to 190 mph. It was one of the most powerful hurricanes in recorded history. For most of the yesterday communication was down. However, today we have been able to communicate with several of our faculty and staff at our campus and some students. The new […]

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Chronic Pain

Research suggests new possibilities for pain management

An alternative to chronic pain treatment may be on the horizon. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability. Over 11% of the United States’ adult population live with chronic pain. This means that 25 million people across the country have experienced pain every day for […]

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