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Dispelling the myths of international medical schools

There is a stigma surrounding international medical schools and much of it is unfounded. People are operating on misconceptions and outdated data. At Saint James School of Medicine we’ve heard all of these myths and more and thought it was about time to dispel these falsehoods with some cold hard facts. MYTH #1: International medical […]

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Why should you attend an accredited caribbean medical school?

Let us count the ways. When it comes to choosing a medical school, especially an international university, accreditation is key. Accreditation is the most important certification for a medical school. It is assurance that the program meets both national and international quality standards, provides a valid educational experience and allows you to practice in the […]

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Diversity in Medical Schools: How our differences bring us together

In Chicago in 1847, David Jones Peck, an abolitionist minister’s son, became the first African-American to graduate from a U.S. medical school. History making? Certainly. But that same history also illustrates the fact that the healthcare industry has long suffered from inadequate minority representation. And even as the ethnic diversity of the U.S. and Canada […]

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Paging All Future MDs

The shortage of doctors in the United States and Canada hints at a dire forecast that many experts have cited could reach its’ apex sooner than we think—2025 is merely a few years away, and finding a specialist could be a difficult process. A recent report from The Association of American Medical Colleges, projects a […]

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Summer Semester Hits its High Note!

It’s summertime, and at Saint James School of Medicine—the easy, breezy, spirit of summer takes on a determined direction. As one of the premier choices in the Caribbean for an affordable and quality medical education, we offer our incoming students the chance to be part of a new generation of MDs. Our fall admission is […]

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