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Richard Connor, MBA (Chairman)

Mr. Connor has a wealth of experience in management and marketing. He has been in a leadership position for several known companies.  Recently he has been working in the capacity of an consultant and an advisor and has helped many companies in the Chicagoland improve and streamline operations.  Mr. Connor holds an MBA degree from Northwestern University.


Dr. Salman received his MD from Ross University School of Medicine in 1984. From 1989-1991 he completed his Pediatric internship and residency, followed by a fellowship in pediatric critical care at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.

He is Board Certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care, Hospice Palliative Medicine. Dr. Salman has been a physician since 1994 in the states of Texas, Mississippi, and New Mexico. He is currently the Medical Director PICU and Medical Director ECMO for Presbyterian Health Care in Albuquerque, NM.

Additionally, he has held academic appointments in the states of New York, Texas, and Mississippi.  Most recently, Dr. Salman was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at University of Mississippi Medical School and also an appointment of Association Professors at Texas Tech University at Lubbock.

Jangman Park, ESQ. J.D. (Secretary)

Jangman Park received his bachelor’s degree from Korea University in Seoul, S. Korea in 1998.  He later completed his Doctorate in Law from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan in 2005.

Since 2006, Mr. Park has practiced law under JP Law Group. Through his firm, JP Law Group, Mr. Park has specialized in Immigration Law.

Additionally, Mr. Park has published multiple works for The Korea Daily, the most read Korean-American newspaper. He has also been an active member of the Korean-American community. He has performed several seminars and speeches on behalf of the Korean community.

Devang Gujarathi, MD

Dr. Gujarathi received his MD from Saint James School of Medicine-Bonaire in 2010. From 2010-2013, he held and completed his residency at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, IL.
Dr. Gujarathi is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He has been a practicing as a Hospitalist since 2013 and has practiced in Indiana, Illinois, and is now working in North Carolina.

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