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  By Dr. Saad Hanan, SJSM USMLE Counselor, SJSM Alum; My trip to the National Conference for AAFP in Kansas City, was an exciting opportunity for me, my colleague Dr. Nizamani, and SJSM. The conference took place from July 28th-30th and we were extremely thrilled to support SJSM’s Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG), which was […]

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The Exciting Benefits of Joining the SJSM Alumni Association

Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM) has remained one of the top Caribbean-based medical schools for years. As more and more students graduate from this highly regarded institution, the opportunities to enter the workforce with a leg up from the connections and relationships built over time are only elevated by joining the SJSM Alumni Association. […]

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As individuals, what is the driving force behind our passions in life? Is it to follow in the footsteps of our loved ones or to redefine one’s path with continuous education to better ourselves and those around us? As medical professionals, we continue to evolve, find new solutions to the problem at hand, and how […]

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Saint James School of Medicine is proud to highlight Dr. Erika Singh as this month’s Alumni Spotlight. Dr. Singh completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Indiana University Northwest, intending to become a psychologist after graduation, but a course in Anatomy and Physiology set her on a different path. “Physiology was my strength, and I […]

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In every person’s life, there comes a time that will define who they are and what they hope to accomplish going forward. For Dr. Joyce Cheng, that time came in Marc  h 2020 with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We previously chatted with Dr. Cheng in 2018 as she was on the cusp of […]

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A Letter from A 2021 Alumni | Dr. Jennaire Lewars

Fellow (impending) new grad doctors.  As our graduation season is upon us, I just wanted to extend a few words. As we enter this phase of our lives, with the acquisition of our new roles and responsibilities, I want to implore everyone (including myself) to embrace everything that comes forward with grace and humility.  We […]

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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Crystal Richardson

Why enter a medical program out of the Caribbean? Is it for the endless opportunities it offers to achieve your dreams of a career in medicine? Is it because you may be an untraditional student that felt drawn to this calling later in life? Or are you looking for the best of both worlds, receiving […]

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  Throughout life’s journey, there are bound to be unforeseen twists and turns that lead us to a new avenue in how we perceive the world around us. For Dr. Roland Zhang growing up in Rochester, New York, this non-traditional path took place on his way to becoming a doctor. In Roland’s eyes, a career […]

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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Therese Massri

Why does one go into the medical field? For Therese Massri, it was the constant unknown nature of the profession; to be able to identify what exactly is ailing a patient and implementing a treatment plan tailored to the individual’s needs. Growing up in Canada, Therese was a curious individual, fascinated with the elusive nature […]

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