In a League of Her Own

It takes fire in the belly and audacity to earn a medical degree. It isn’t just the high academic standards or the sterling character traits that embody the best and brightest in the field. There is an intangible factor that motivates one to a life of helping others. For Lincey Alexida it’s been a combination […]

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The SJSM Newsletter: January 2017

The Saint James School of Medicine quarterly newsletter is now available for January 2017! It was a busy time approaching the end of another year, with much to report from our students and faculty. Get the details on new student policies, exciting student activities – like the AMSA Breast Cancer Awareness Drive – and our incredible […]

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caribbean med school alumna opens practice in kirkland lake

SJSM Alumna Opens Her Own Practice in Kirkland Lake

For the last two years, Saint James School of Medicine alumna Dr. Sara Kurki has run her own practice in Kirkland Lake. Dr. Kurki completed her medical degree in 2010 at Saint James in the Netherlands-Antilles. After completing a Canadian residency in Family Medicine at the University of Toronto in 2013, she decided to establish a varied […]

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SJSM Alum Jami Feltner Joins Medical Associates of Hilton Head

Doctor Jami Feltner, a 2012 graduate from the Saint James School of Medicine, joined the Medical Associates of Hilton Head this month. As reported in Bluffton Today, Dr. Feltner today focuses on disease prevention, management of chronic disease and healthy lifestyles. After graduating from the MD program, she spent three years training in internal medicine […]

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A Student’s View on SJSM

Saint James School of Medicine had the opportunity to interview a current student, Hugo Lai, originally from Canada. Lai is a member of the Student Government Association on school. He gave us his experience with Saint James, what brought him to the school, some advice for prospective students and more. What led you to attend […]

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Interviews with graduates, students and faculty of Saint James School of Medicine

Over the last two years we have published a number of interviews with graduates, students and faculty of Saint James School of Medicine on this blog. Here is a round-up of some of these interviews Interviews with current students at Saint James School of Medicine Interview with Scott Vizarra, SGA President at Saint James School […]

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