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Jennaire Lewars - SJSM

Student Spotlight: Jennaire Lewars Part 1

For this month’s special two-part Student Spotlight, we spoke with Jennaire Lewars, a 4th year SJSM student currently on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many clinical rotations currently limited or on hold, Jennaire and other SJSM clinical students are using this unexpected free time to volunteer at hospitals and provide key support […]

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Cinna Attar - SJSM

Student Spotlight: Cinna Attar

SJSM graduate Cinna Attar, MD found the perfect way to recharge his batteries from the stress of studying: “Living on an island was a dream come true. For 16 months I lived on the beach. Every time I needed to escape from my studies I would walk the beach for 30 minutes, watch the sunset, […]

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Devang Gujarathi - SJSM

Spotlight: Devang Gujarathi

Dr. Devang Gujarathi may be the head of the residency program at UNC HeathCare, but he still has strong ties to his alma mater.   The former economics major decided to switch things up after realizing that medicine was his calling, and began his medical education at Saint James School of Medicine. Since graduating, he has […]

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Carolina-Salazar - SJSM

Student Spotlight: Carolina Salazar, MD

When making a decision as large as what medical school to attend, it sometimes helps to hear from someone who has gone through it before you and knows what she is talking about. Addressing an auditorium of potential Saint James students at our Chicago Open House, Carolina Salazar, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist, empathized with the crowd […]

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Dr. Zunir Chaudhry - SJSM

Student Spotlight Dr. Zunir Chaudhry, MD SJSM Alumni

Student Spotlight Dr. Zunir Chaudhry, MD SJSM Alumni   It is possible to work towards your dream while living in paradise. That is exactly the experience of Dr. Zunir Chaudhry.    Dr. Chaudhry hails from Nashville, Tennessee and he went to Middle Tennessee State University for a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. Dr. Chaudhry chose to pursue […]

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SJSM - 5 Successful Graduates of Saint James School of Medicine

5 Successful Graduates of Saint James School of Medicine

Saint James School of Medicine has seen hundreds of its students graduate since its founding in 1999. Its graduates are now practicing in the United States and in other countries all over the world. Saint James School of Medicine continues to teach the skills, behavior, and values that students will need in their medical career. […]

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Afsha Rais - SJSM


UAMS- SW Family Medicine Residency Program recently did a spotlight on one of our very own graduates, Afsha Rais! RESIDENT SPOTLIGHT: Afsha Rais, MD, PGY-3 Dr. Rais is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and received her medical degree from Saint James School of Medicine in 2016. During her clinical training in Chicago, Dr. Rais […]

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SJSM - In a League of Her Own

In a League of Her Own

It takes fire in the belly and audacity to earn a medical degree. It isn’t just the high academic standards or the sterling character traits that embody the best and brightest in the field. There is an intangible factor that motivates one to a life of helping others. For Lincey Alexida it’s been a combination […]

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