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Festival at overseas medical school

Saint James Students Enjoy the Annual Bonaire Carnival

Every year, the entire Bonaire island gathers to celebrate the biggest cultural event on the island. Carnival has something for everyone— several parades in which anyone can watch the dancers, participate, and admire their colorful costumes. Don’t forget the swing music, too! Here are some photos of SJ students hanging out at the parade, and […]

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Caribbean Med School Culture and Community

Student Wins First Place at St. Vincent’s Vincey Mas Carnival

St. Vincent Student Government Vice President, Natashia Turner, participated in the highly anticipated annual Mardi Gras Parade. This event is the highlight of the Vincey Mas Carnival that is held in St. Vincent each year. Natashia was a front-liner for the SVG Players International Band, who took home the first place title as the Mas Band […]

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The medical heroes of the Oklahoma tragedy

Saint James School of Medicine would like to express our sympathy to the people of Oklahoma in the wake of Monday’s tornado. We would also like to express our respect and gratitude to the medical personnel of the Red Cross and the doctors and medical staff at the surrounding hospitals that treated the 237 people […]

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