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The Importance of School-Life Balance

Being in med school means an often-hectic schedule. It’s no secret that medical students spend countless hours studying for exams, reviewing lecture material, and attending intense residency programs. As a doctor, you can best care for your patients if you first care for yourself. Maintaining a healthy school-life balance helps you avoid burnout. With these […]

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Caribbean medical school: Day in the Life Series Medical Assistant

Day in the Life Series: Medical Assistant

The medical assistant pathway is among the most popular in the field of medicine, and actually ranks as the United States’s fastest growing professions across all industries. A surge in the number of physician offices and outpatient care facilities, combined with advancements in technology and a growing elderly population make the Medical Assistant an attractive […]

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Caribbean med school blog: Day in the Life Parasitologist

Day in the Life Series: Parasitologist

Parasitology and virology go hand-in-hand for 2011 MacArthur Fellow Elodie Ghedin from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The MacArthur Foundation supports Elodie in her trailblazing research into the relationship between parasites and their hosts, and how they have evolved into the 21st century, developing specific resistances to modern medicine. For someone who is […]

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Overseas Medical School: Day in the Life of Chief Resident

Day in the Life Series: Chief Resident

A Chief Resident has a number of important responsibilities that help keep the residency program running smoothly and efficiently throughout the long days in the medical workplace. A typical day could have different challenges that require a Chief’s immediate attention, and this position is tasked with managing nearly every aspect of the residency program. Mornings […]

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Med school research: Forensic Pathologist

Day in the Life Series: Forensic Pathologist

Forensic pathologists are medical examiners who work in a sub-specialty of pathology that focuses on determining the cause of death by examining a corpse. These ‘public health specialists’ must conduct autopsies, examining the deceased, and they often directly collaborate with police, coroners, and criminal and civil courts in solving critical medical issues. While this is common […]

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