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students at a medical school without mcat

6 Tips to Achieve Success in Med School

Studying in med school is no walk in the park. There’s no doubt about that. It’s not for everybody and once you’re in, you really have to work hard for it.  This just means that achieving success while in medical school is not that easy. To help you out, here are a few tips that […]

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SJSM - Med Stress

Stress In Med School: How To Avoid Burning Out

Medical programs can be very stressful. That’s not surprising since becoming a doctor is not an easy path, but too much stress can have psychological and physical effects on the students.  As a result, a significant number of medical students experience burnout. This is a major problem because it can have serious effects on students […]

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SJSM - What Do We Inherit From Our Mothers?

What Do We Inherit From Our Mothers?

This weekend we celebrate Mothers. As some of the most kind, caring, and compassionate people in the world, it’s important to show thanks for their support throughout the years. Not only do they support you in your worldly endeavors, but they are solely responsible for your nurturing before you’re brought into the world. Because of […]

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SJSM - Counselling

What You Should Know about the USMLE Counselling Service

You can think of medical school as a really long preparation for the licensing examination. Passing that exam is the ultimate goal for medical students. In America, the exam is known as the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Saint James School of Medicine is doing a lot to ensure their graduates will be ready […]

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SJSM - Students

How a Medical Education has Evolved

  Two words changed the face of medical education: Flexner Report. In 1910, this report highlighted the need for standardized and centralized institutions and shaped the model for medical education as we know it today. It called for higher admission and graduation standards, strict protocols of mainstream science in teaching and research, and to increase the prerequisites […]

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SJSM - Volunteer

Beyond the Classroom: Strengthen Your Resume by Getting Involved

  While a strong academic showing will certainly play a large role in the clinical and residency application process, it’s your extracurricular experiences that will really set you apart from the pack.   SJSM encourages every student to volunteer throughout the community and participate in events that will enrich your skill set. But you might […]

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