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Caribbean Medical School vs. U.S. Medical School

If you want to attend medical school, you might wonder if there’s a difference between medical schools in the United States vs. those in the Caribbean. Keep reading to discover the important ways in which they’re different and how they’re alike. As an aspiring med student, you want to lay a firm foundation for your […]

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Advice on ENT Residency

Medical school can prove challenging, and with so many options for specializations, students may struggle to find a path they enjoy. Those considering an ENT residency can benefit from learning about Dr. Hasnie’s path through medical school and how her ENT residency helped her find her passion while at Saint James School of Medicine. During […]

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Study Techniques for Medical Students

Are you preparing for exams at medical school and looking for useful study techniques? Explore these tips from former medical students and medical school counselors. Best Study Practices for Med Students Use these helpful study techniques and tips to help you accomplish your goals through every step of the medical school journey. 1. Make a […]

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How to Build Successful Study Habits for Med School

  If there’s one thing that students learn in med school, it’s that you can be a smart, successful student without feeling stress or burnout. In fact, the most successful students are often the ones who approach learning as an adventure. They relish each challenge they face with curiosity and optimism. It’s not always easy […]

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Preparing for the Medical Residency Match

Gearing Up for the ‘Match’ Process Prospective and current medical school students wonder what it takes to make it through a competitive medical school program. What is required, not only to survive, but to excel. The Med School Minutes podcast met with Dr. Aqsaa Chaudhry, an alum of Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM), and […]

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The New Accreditation Outlook for International Medical Schools

All Caribbean Medical Schools must be legitimately accredited by 2024 Due to a requirement by the Education Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates, only students from schools who are accredited by a World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) recognized accreditor would be allowed to appear for the USMLE Exams starting 2024. To gain some insight into […]

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ECFMG Year 2024 Rule- what it means to you!

The Education Commission on Foreign Medical Education (ECFMG) is the primary body in the United States that oversees the policies and regulation around licensing International Medical Graduates (IMGs).  In order to take the USMLEs, and to apply for residency all IMGs must be certified by ECFMG.  This certification typically takes place after the completion of […]

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USMLE Step 1 Dec Blog

Every three to four years, the USMLE Management Committee conducts an extensive review and analysis of the passing standard for each USMLE Step 1 exam. This is done to ensure the passing score is consistent with the expectations of the level of content proficiency needed to apply important concepts to the practice of medicine.   […]

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