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The Advantages of Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

  There’s a growing need for qualified physicians in the U.S. At Saint James, you’ll find a world-class medical education that offers the same curriculum and meets the same rigorous standards as American and Canadian medical schools. It’s fair to say that the primary difference is our Caribbean location – and that offers some unique […]

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The Dollars & Sense of SJSM: What You Get for the Money

  Medical school is expensive, and no more so than in America. According to the Washington Post, the average cost of a medical education at a U.S. public institution has risen 312% over the last 20 years. In 2018, average tuition and fees amount to $138,400 per degree in-state and $196,000 per degree out-of-state.   […]

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Student Spotlight: Alexander Stirpe, MD3

Third-year student Alexander Stirpe was recently accepted by the American College of Physicians to attend their conference and present his case report in an Oral Clinical Vignette competition at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Stirpe represented Mercy Hospital & Medical Center and Saint James School of Medicine, competing against 28 other hospitals in the […]

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2016 matches at medical school in the caribbean

10 Reasons SJSM is a Smart Choice for Medical Education

  If you’ve been considering Saint James School of Medicine to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor, here are 10 reasons why it is the smart choice: Non-traditional students welcome: There are a number of reasons that students may diverge from the traditional path to their medical degree – they started a family, pursued […]

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Clinical Rotations: A Critical Component of Your Education

Classroom. Study. Classroom. Study. That is the rhythm of life in your first two years of medical school. Then comes clinical rotations. The Clinical Sciences portion of your medical degree is the time when you apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life medical situations.   During clinical rotations, students participate in patient care […]

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Dispelling the myths of international medical schools

There is a stigma surrounding international medical schools and much of it is unfounded. People are operating on misconceptions and outdated data. At Saint James School of Medicine we’ve heard all of these myths and more and thought it was about time to dispel these falsehoods with some cold hard facts. MYTH #1: International medical […]

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