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Doctor as Crusader: The Life and Times of Dr. Cecil Cyrus

A “living legend” is how renowned Vincentian surgeon and octogenarian Dr. A. Cecil Cyrus is often described by his colleagues and fellow citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Of the many hats he’s worn during his long life—doctor, writer, orator, sportsman, horticulturist, humanitarian, philanthropist—Dr. Cyrus is also revered as a national hero for reforming […]

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Smoothing the Undergraduate-to-Medical-Student Transition

Med schools attract the best and brightest. But in every class, some students struggle. It isn’t for lack of intellect or ability. To make a smooth transition to medical school, you need to prepare according to You’re going to need to adjust to a fast pace because you’re going to learn more in a […]

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The path to success? Being yourself.

Why are we more drawn to certain people than others when it comes to medical care or for that matter, anything? Is it the way they dress, walk, speak, or present themselves? Or maybe just because their website looks cool. The answer is that people make conclusions about each other constantly based on a number of […]

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Holiday Health Tips

Holiday Health Tips

The holiday season is among us, and while cheer and merriment are lighting up our gatherings with friends and family, health and safety are an important consideration. Give yourself and the loved ones around you the gift of health this season with these helpful reminders and tips from the CDC. Wash your hands often. According […]

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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is critical for physicians

We often admire individuals who dedicate themselves to their professions. Spending too much time at work, however, can be detrimental to mental and physical health. Work-life balance is particularly important in the medical field. With today’s technologies, it’s increasingly difficult for young physicians to leave their work at work. This can lead to work dissatisfaction, […]

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Sun exposure can greatly contribute to skin aging.

Why does our skin age?

Skin can take quite a beating during the average lifetime. It’s the body’s first defense against the outside world, so it’s no surprise that it pays a hefty price at the hands of age. Among factors such as smoking, UV exposure and the natural breakdown of proteins, the skin will begin to lose it’s natural […]

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White coat ceremony at caribbean medical school

White Coat Ceremony Marks the Achievements of SJSM Students

As a medical school student, there’s no better feeling than knowing your hard work has payed off. In the medical world, the first right of passage comes when a medical student finally receives their white coat. Each semester, Saint James hosts a White Coat Ceremony to recognize those students transitioning from pre-clinical to clinical health sciences. During the […]

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Dr. Persaud guest speaks at caribbean medical school

Guest Speaker Dr. Persaud Motivates Students

During the winter 2016 semester, Doctors of Tomorrow hosted guest speaker Dr. Persaud, who presently works as a psychologist and a counselor on the island of St. Vincent. She gave a fantastic lecture on “Effective Ways of Learning Despite Social and Psychological Challenges.” The lecture was insightful and allowed students to discover new ways of achieving […]

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USMLE updates at med school

USMLE Step 2 Process Updates

Here at SJSM, we want to ensure our students’ success, especially when it comes to the USMLE. Read on to learn how we’ve changed our process for step 2 of the USMLE.  USMLE Step 2 Effective June 1, 2016 – All students will be required to pass the NBME Comprehensive Clinical Science Exam (CCSE) before being certified for […]

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