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Surviving the First Days of Residency

After graduating from your medical college, you’ll apply the skills you learned in real-life situations as a resident. How do you survive the first days of your residency following medical school? Whether you graduated from Harvard Medical or SJSM, you can use the tips below to navigate this transition smoothly. Your First Day of Residency: […]

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Prep Before First Day of Residency

  Are you done with medical school and waiting to start your residency program? Keep reading to discover the best tips for residency preparation, so you give yourself the best chance of success. Complete Paperwork and Orientation Complete all your necessary paperwork before your first day of residency. For your medical license, DEA registration, and […]

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Interview With a Program Director

A successful career as a physician begins with a comprehensive medical school education and ends with graduate medical education in a residency program. Although landing a coveted residency requires a record of demonstrated achievement, candidates also need to reveal to program directors what they will bring to the practice of medicine. To help students stand […]

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Caribbean Medical Student Obtaining Licensure in NY

Are you considering applying for your residency in New York once you complete medical school at Saint James School of Medicine? If so, you must obtain a NY license to practice medicine from the state regulatory board before starting your residency. Many international med students discount the possibility of pursuing their residency in New York […]

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Dr. Beau Hightower – Why I Chose to go into Medicine

For anyone planning to apply to medical school or is in the application process, the prospect of being a famous and respected doctor is tantalizingly close yet frustratingly far off in the future. In our recent interview with Dr. Beau Hightower, the “chiropractor to the stars” described his experience in hopes of inspiring future and […]

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Building a Great Resume for Your Medical Residency Application

  Keywords: medical school, medical residency, residency application You’ve been working hard to get into medical school, so now it’s time to do your homework on the next step: applying for residency. A solid medical residency application resume is critical for showing admission committees that you’re ready to practice medicine and have the skills needed to […]

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SJSM - What Else Med Schools Are Looking for Besides the MCAT

What Else Med Schools Are Looking for Besides the MCAT

Are you dreaming about getting into medical school?   If you are, then you’re probably worried already about how you can qualify. There are several things which medical schools check when considering student applicants. It takes a lot of work to get all of those covered, but it can be done. You just have to […]

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SJSM - Students

How a Medical Education has Evolved

  Two words changed the face of medical education: Flexner Report. In 1910, this report highlighted the need for standardized and centralized institutions and shaped the model for medical education as we know it today. It called for higher admission and graduation standards, strict protocols of mainstream science in teaching and research, and to increase the prerequisites […]

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SJSM - Clinical Rotations: A Critical Component of Your Education

Clinical Rotations: A Critical Component of Your Education

Classroom. Study. Classroom. Study. That is the rhythm of life in your first two years of medical school. Then comes clinical rotations. The Clinical Sciences portion of your medical degree is the time when you apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life medical situations.   During clinical rotations, students participate in patient care […]

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