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caribbean med school research: Potential Cure for HIV with Lasers

Potential Cure for HIV with Lasers

Patience Mthunzi, a laser scientist, intends to cure HIV with a laser treatment instead of the current treatment done by taking a pill. Mthunzi begins her TEDTalk with an example of taking an aspirin when having a headache. When the pill is ingested, it first goes through the stomach, intestines and many organs before even […]

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medical school research: Why America's Top Mental Health Researcher is Joining Silicon Valley

Why America’s Top Mental Health Researcher is Joining Silicon Valley

Thomas Insel, the National Institute of Mental Health Director, has recently announced his transition to join the Alphabet family. Alphabet is the new umbrella company for Google and all the formerly Google-owned companies. One particular company Alphabet has launched is Google Life Sciences. This company works with technology to innovate and create medical advances. Insel had […]

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caribbean medical school research: Spinal Fusion

Surgical Procedures: Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that is performed on the spine in order to weld two or more vertebrae together using hardware and bone graft material. Surgical fusion is designed to eliminate movement between the affected vertebrae in order to make the spine more stable and decrease any pain. The human spine consists of a […]

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med school blog: U.S. Air Force Physician

Career Spotlight: U.S. Air Force Physician

Medical school graduates have a number of opportunities that are presented after a thorough training in residency and numerous clinical hours. From practicing medicine and public health to health administration and medical writing, medical students are faced with important decisions that will affect their professional lives upon graduation. Handfuls of medical students across the nation […]

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Medical school tip: Stress as a Tool for Success

TedTalk Highlight: Stress as a Tool for Success

Stress is a natural part of everyday life, and such remains true in school and one’s career beyond. The way one responds to a challenge is one common type of stress. Responding to that challenge happens on both the psychological and physiological levels, the latter of which directly affecting physical well-being. When faced with this […]

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Med school blog: The Future of Medical Technology

The Future of Medical Technology in 2015

Move over Google Glass! Digital contacts are just one of the ten exciting predictions that Dr. Bertalan Mesko, the ‘Medical Futurist’, has for the future of medical technology by year’s end. With an increase in the capabilities of three dimensional printing, 2015 will showcase outstanding progress in the field of prosthetics. From access to these more […]

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med school research: The Value of Diagnostics

Medical Technology: The Value of Diagnostics

Diagnostic research contributes to the treatment of patients and creates accurate solutions so laboratories can deliver relevant clinical information to doctors and other pathologists across the world. Sysmex America specializes in clinical hematology products that help in the diagnosis and treatment of hematological diseases, or diseases of the blood. Some of these diseases include anemia […]

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