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Why Students Fail Medical School

Once accepted into medical school, you rightfully feel accomplished. Many people dream of earning an education in medicine. However, only a fraction of those people succeed. After your acceptance, the real work begins. You must learn how to balance your personal life, course load, and other aspects of a healthy life. Doing so involves successfully […]

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SJSM Receives 3-Year Full Accreditation by ACCM

At the conclusion of 2022, we have another amazing announcement that will have a great positive impact on the school in the years to come. We want to inform you that Saint James School of Medicine has been awarded an additional 3-year accreditation by the Accreditation Commission of Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), which will be […]

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World Champion Powerlifter Follows Dream of Becoming a Med Student

  One of the beautiful parts of attending the Saint James School of Medicine is our diversity of students. People come to our campus from all over the world and from such varied backgrounds. Sit down with any of our med students, and you will experience an incredible backstory unique to each individual. As an […]

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Preparing Our Students for The World of Cardiology

Cardiovascular Disease remains the most common cause of mortality, and morbidity, in the United States. This has led to the outpouring of research funds to combat cardiovascular problems, resulting in an expansion of our knowledge of cardiovascular diseases and the robust development of the advances in technology in Echocardiography, CT Scans, MRI, etc.   Of […]

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Effect of Support Animals on Students

  Pets have the innate ability to brighten your mood, even during the worst days. Their comforting companionship has been utilized by hospitals for years, bringing happiness and joy to a variety of patients and senior living communities to boost morale. Simply snuggling next to the patient or just being present brings comfort and peace […]

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SJSM - 20 years anniversary

20 Years Reflection

From the desk of the President, Dr Kallol Guha: I started Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM) in 1999. This year SJSM completes 20 years. This milestone puts SJSM in a very elite category. We are one of the oldest Caribbean Medical Schools as well as one of the very few that commenced operations in […]

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Todays Match. Tomorrows future.

Here come the MATCHES! We would like to congratulate our 2018 Matches on their success and wish them good luck as they open the door to the world of medicine.   With the educational advantages that Saint James School of medicine provides, the challenges of Medical School and the competitive nature of the field, we […]

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