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SJSM - The Advantages of Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

The Advantages of Studying Medicine in the Caribbean

  There’s a growing need for qualified physicians in the U.S. At Saint James, you’ll find a world-class medical education that offers the same curriculum and meets the same rigorous standards as American and Canadian medical schools. It’s fair to say that the primary difference is our Caribbean location – and that offers some unique […]

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How some memories can be erased while leaving others intact

When a traumatic incident occurs to a person, it can make them experience fear and anxiety long after the event has happened. Typically taking the forms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after such an event occurs, the brain stores information about what happened during the experience. From every detail regarding the scene, what time, what (or who) […]

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Gray hair

Why does hair turn gray?

You can try to run from these cranial oppressors, but they’ll always catch up; we’re talking, of course, about gray hairs. While they don’t always have the best reputation, gray hairs are a natural part of life. But why? Why do our luscious locks lose their color as we age? The pigments in our hair are produced […]

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Mammogram test

New Imaging Technique Aims to Help Surgeons with Breast Cancer Removal

Every year in the United States, a quarter of a million women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Of these, approximately 180,000 undergo surgery to remove the cancer and also keep as much of the healthy breast tissue as possible, according to medicalnewstoday. The problem is that, even after the surgery has been performed, it’s difficult to […]

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