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New Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Award is created to recognize and financially support the students who consistently show excellent academic achievements. Any current student who receives a final grade of “A” in a major course*, will receive a one-time $500 scholarship posted to their financial account with the school. A credit will be processed for each final […]

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What Is MSPE?

Anyone who enrolls in medical school and wants to someday practice medicine should understand what an MSPE is. These documents contain a telling overview of a person’s experience in medical school, spanning beyond a simple transcript. MSPEs are created mainly to inform the future residency programs of the student’ activity and performance during the medical […]

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Questions to Ask During the Admissions Process

Traversing the path to medical school can be a stressful feat, especially with competitive applications and financial support necessities. Still, keeping focused during admissions can help ease tension and ensure you have the necessary information. While the schools select you, you also choose them. Remember to ask several important questions during the admissions process to find the […]

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Mistakes to Avoid During Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations, also known as clerkships, are among the most essential requirements during any med student’s education. They provide hands-on experience at healthcare sites, allowing the student to become more familiar with core medicine and eventually find their specialty of choice. At the same time, clinical rotations are opportunities for preceptors to evaluate and guide […]

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Medical School Admission Mistakes to Avoid

Applying for medical school is no small task. It consists of numerous steps and requires extensive knowledge and dedication to pass admissions. However, many aspiring med students make application mistakes, diminishing their chances of entry. Explore these common admission mistakes applicants make when applying to medical school, so you can avoid them and give your […]

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How to Get a Quality Letter of Recommendation

Getting a quality letter of recommendation is an essential step in landing the opportunity you want. We’re going to break down everything you need to know about getting your dream letter of recommendation, how to get in touch with the right person and what information they need from you, and how to do all this […]

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Dear Incoming Student,   Welcome to Saint James School of Medicine! I hope this letter finds you well as you are getting ready to move to another country to start your first semester of medical school. When I first started, I was so nervous and the whole situation of moving so far from the life […]

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SJSM - Tips and Tricks for a Caribbean Medical School Interview

Tips and Tricks for a Caribbean Medical School Interview

It is safe to say that the interviewing aspect is one of the most crucial portions of any medical school application process. At this stage, the individuals interviewing you believe that you are a strong candidate for their program and will determine whether or not the qualities on your resume match with you in person. […]

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