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SJSM - Volunteer! Opportunities for Students While Attending School

Volunteer! Opportunities for Students While Attending School

Volunteering is the act of freely offering to do something. It looks good to potential employers when they see volunteering on a resume. This act shows selflessness and a commitment to doing good in the world. That dedication to service resonates well with the medical field as well, as the medical field offers services which […]

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SJSM - Here’s A MUST KNOW GUIDE to Clinical Rotations!

Here’s A MUST KNOW GUIDE to Clinical Rotations!

You’re finally transitioning from classroom to clinic, which is a whole different level of learning.   Clinical rotations typically start during the 3rd year of medical school. Here, students get real-world experience in surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and other core specialties. It can be nerve-wracking as you now have to apply what you’ve learned […]

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SJSM - Med Stress

Stress In Med School: How To Avoid Burning Out

Medical programs can be very stressful. That’s not surprising since becoming a doctor is not an easy path, but too much stress can have psychological and physical effects on the students.  As a result, a significant number of medical students experience burnout. This is a major problem because it can have serious effects on students […]

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SJSM - Caribbean accreditation authority for education in medicine and other health professions

Why should you attend an accredited caribbean medical school?

Let us count the ways. When it comes to choosing a medical school, especially an international university, accreditation is key. Accreditation is the most important certification for a medical school. It is assurance that the program meets both national and international quality standards, provides a valid educational experience and allows you to practice in the […]

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SJSM - map

Paging All Future MDs

The shortage of doctors in the United States and Canada hints at a dire forecast that many experts have cited could reach its’ apex sooner than we think—2025 is merely a few years away, and finding a specialist could be a difficult process. A recent report from The Association of American Medical Colleges, projects a […]

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Can money actually buy happiness?

Can money really buy happiness?

As the cliché goes: “money can’t buy happiness.” But is that really true? Yes and no. According to new research originally explored by Medical News Today, money can only buy a certain type of happiness. It is all about what individuals value and how they balance life. In a study published in the journal Emotion […]

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Stress-free holiday season

10 Ways to Fight Stress this Holiday Season

The season to be merry and bright can sometimes seem anything but. Schedules are jam-packed, expectations are high and money might be tight. In the interest of mental health and self-help, here are some tips adapted from to fight stress during the holidays. Exercise Taking a half-hour walk every day can reduce anxiety, improve […]

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Student Catalog Announcement. 11/30/2017

Dear Students, We would like to inform you that the 2018 Student Catalog has been posted on the SJSM website in the “downloads” tab found under “Resources” or directly at:  Please familiarize yourself with all new policies and procedures in the Catalog.  Below is a partial list of the most important updates: –          Additional […]

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Saint James affordable medical education works to reduce doctor shortage.

United States Faces Major Doctor Shortage

The U.S. is facing a significant doctor shortage, according to the Association for American Medical Colleges (AAMC). In the AAMC’s Key Findings release, primary care physician demand is predicted to grow 17 percent in the next decade. However, current demand outnumbers the supply. By 2025, the U.S. will need around 46,000 to 90,000 doctors. “These […]

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