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The world needs doctors, and aspiring medical students should feel empowered in their pursuits. At Saint James School of Medicine, we acknowledge that traditional medical degree pathways can be challenging, demanding undivided attention and focus for the entirety of the program. Studying methods and life circumstances can make this prohibitive for many students. That’s why Saint James offers flexible pathway options – to help you learn at the pace you’ll learn best.


Why our Customized MD Program might be right for you:

  • You’re struggling to adjust to the amount and complexity of material presented in your current program
  • You have other obligations in addition to your coursework which would prohibit you from dedicating the time required for medical studies
  • You are experiencing personal circumstances requiring a significant amount of your time for a prolonged period of time


Program Options

Saint James offers three Medical Program pathways to meet your specific needs.

  • Customized 6 semester Basic Science program
  • Customized 7 semester Basic Science program
Current Program Customized 6 Semester Program Customized 7 Semester Program
Courses Credits Courses Credits Courses Credits
Semester 1: Anatomy/Embryology; Histology; CCBS1; RHM1 33 Semester 1: Anatomy/Embryology; CCBS1; RHM1 22


Semester 1: Anatomy/Embryology; CCBS1 21
Semester 2: Biochemistry/Genetics; Physiology; Neuroscience; CCBS2 31 Semester 2: Biochemistry/Genetics; Histology; Neuroscience; 20 Semester 2: Histology; Neuroscience RHM1 18
Semester 3: Pathology I; Microbiology; Behavioral Sciences; Epidemiology; CCBS3 34 Semester 3: Physiology; Pathology I; Behavioral Sciences; CCBS2 30 Semester 3: Physiology; Biochemistry/Genetics; CCBS2 25
Semester 4: PDCM; Pathology II; Pharmacology; RHM2; CCBS4 33 Semester 4: Microbiology; Pharmacology; Epidemiology; RHM2; CCBS3 26 Semester 4: Pathology I; Microbiology; Epidemiology; CCBS3; RHM2 27
Semester 5: BSRC Review 30 Semester 5: Pathology II, PDCM, CCBS4 22 Semester 5: Pharmacology; Pathology II; Behavioral Sciences; 29
    Semester 6: BSRC 30 Semester 6: PDCM; CCBS4 11
        Semester 7: BSRC 30
Recommendations Based on Student’s Background
This program is recommended for a student that:

  • Has recently been enrolled in school
  • Has demonstrated to Admission Committee superior academic skills
  • Has experience in the medical field
  • Has taken MCAT
This program is recommended for a student that:

  • Has not attended school for more than three years
  • Does not have a background in sciences
  • Has some experience in a related field
This program is recommended for a student that:

  • Has not attended school for more than five years.
  • Is concurrently attending another school or university

Contact our admissions team to learn more about our program options, and take the first step to making your medical school dreams a reality.

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