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While Saint James School of Medicine has some of the most affordable tuition rates and fees in the Caribbean, we understand that it can be tough to finance a medical education. With private loans and student credit lines available, Saint James is also introducing an essay and merit-based scholarship program, available for the Summer 2017 semester onward.


Students at Saint James School of Medicine are not currently eligible for U.S. federal student loans.

Saint James School of Medicine  has entered into an arrangement with Delta Financial Solutions, Inc. (Delta) to provide qualified students with a private student loan program.

Applications are evaluated on a number of factors, including your credit rating, the credit rating of your co-signer (a co-signer is required for all loans), and your academic standing. Applications for loans open approximately two months before the start of each semester.


Student credit lines are available for qualified students at Saint James who are Canadian citizens, offering up to $150,000 CAD. These credit lines have easy application processes, and attractive repayment options.

  • Bank of Montreal: Call 780 408 0007

For more information about financial assistance for Canadian students please contact our Admission Advisors by calling 800 542 1553.


The open enrollment period for Spring 2018 loan disbursements begins on Monday, January 1st, and lasts until Wednesday, March 14th 2018. No applications will be accepted after March 14th, 2018. Delta will advise as to the acceptance or rejection of any loan applications no later than March 22nd 2018.


Delta does not provide grants or scholarships. The company provides loans that should be considered seriously and which must be paid back. A co-signer is required on all private student loans offered by Delta and, in the event that the student defaults on loan payments, the co-signer will also assume full responsibility for payment of such loans. You should carefully evaluate your own financial situation and consider all other options, such as savings or family support, before applying to Delta for a private student loan or accepting any such loans.


The application period for Summer 2018 loan disbursements will begin January 1st, 2018 and no applications will be accepted before this date.

Upon requesting the loan application and consent forms, Delta emails you and your co-signer an electronic application as well as a non-refundable $50 application fee. Payment options are included in the invoice.

Please submit your completed application, consent forms, and payment of $50 by Wednesday, March 14th, 2018. Delta will then make final loan considerations no later than March 22nd 2018.

If approved, students must sign and submit the Delta promissory note.

During the application process, you and your co-signer are provided with various disclosures regarding costs and fees and given the opportunity to reconsider proceeding with the loan.

Saint James School of Medicine’s Finance Department is happy to answer any questions you may have about the loan application process. Just call 800-542-1553 or email to speak to a Finance Department representative. Or contact Delta directly at”


Prospective Students Current Basic Sciences Students Current Clinical Sciences students
Status at application Reserved a seat/enrolled Current student Current student
Non-refundable application fee $50 $50 $50
Academic Criteria Based on academic standing 3.0/4.0 GPA Passed USMLE Step 1 exam
Co-signer required Yes Yes Yes
Minimum payment to Delta Interest only Interest only none
Payments to Saint James Varies between campuses Varies between campuses $1,237.50/month hospital surcharge, Student liability insurance
Processing fee (once approved) $200/every 3rd semester, $800 maximum $200/every 3rd semester, $800 maximum $200/every 3rd semester, $800 maximum
Maximum benefit per semester $4,500 $4,500 $4,200
Full payoff begins 6 months after graduation or on 51st month of initial enrollment in Basic Sciences program*
Payoff term 10 years
Interest Rates Interest rates will vary based on the above criteria.
Continuing eligibility Student must maintain 3.0 GPA, must pass USMLE step 1 within 4 months of completion of AICM program, must be in good academic standing, must maintain Hospital surcharge payments as well as difference in tuition payments to the school and must be in good standing with Delta.

*If a student transfers or leaves before completing the program, loan payoff begins immediately. If a withdrawing/transferring student is due a refund, the refund will first be applied towards any outstanding balance with Delta Financial Solution, Inc.

To find out more about financial assistance for US students please contact our Financial Aid office by calling 800 542 1553 or by emailing

Apply for a private student loan with Delta Financial Solutions, Inc.

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