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Since its founding in 2001, Saint James School of Medicine has graduated many doctors who are now successful physicians throughout the United States and Canada. We strive every day to improve our programs and curriculum to ensure the success of our students. That’s why Saint James School of Medicine is the only school to offer a Guarantee on the USMLE Step 1. Doing well on that exam then paves the way for top residencies across the U.S. and Canada. SJSM students obtain residencies across the full range of medical specialties, from anesthesiology and family medicine to neurology and surgery.

Saint James School of Medicine is proud of the hard work and accomplishments of its students. With the educational advantages that Saint James School of medicine provides, the challenges of Medical School and the competitive nature of the field, we know it takes a certain kind of talent to enter a brave new world. We tip our hats to the students who excelled and elevated themselves in matching.

See the map and pie chart for a look at the wide range of locations where SJSM graduates have obtained residencies across the full range of medical specialties.

Residency Placements

Here is listing of residency placements of SJSM students in recent years

SJSM Residency List


SJSM Doctors

SJSM Alumni are working as doctors throughout the U.S. and Canada in a wide array of specialties, helping patients and making a difference. Here are some highlights featuring some of our graduates.

SJSM Doctors


SJSM Alumni Highlights


Alumni Testimonials

“The Faculty cares deeply for the success of their students. They guided me every step of the way from Step 1, Step 2 Cs, step 2 Ck , and getting all my paperwork in order for graduation and interview tips. SJSM was the best choice for me. In 4 yrs I finished Med School and matched. Thank you SJSM staff and faculty you helping make my dreams come true.”

Roberto Moran, MD. Presence Sts Mary and Elizabeth Med Ctr-IL


“Graduate from SJSM 2017′. Affordable tuition and good environment to study pre-clinical years. I matched into my first choice (Anesthesiology – Chicago) on my first try. Great opportunity if you work hard and stay focused. Overall good experience for me.”

Dillon Tinevez, Anestesia at Advocate Masonic in Chicago


“I’m really glad I transferred to SJSM because they got me here. Texas is a difficult state to match into. Being trained with the state, I get a lot of hands on experience at a very state level. I was prepared very well for Step 2. I saw a wide range of cases so that when it came to the CS exam, I had a good understanding of what to expect and how to treat those cases. They were always supportive when I applied for residency.”

Raafia Muhammad – Texas Health & Human Services

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