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EduconIndia Medical, a progressively growing professional Student Consultancy, offers Overseas Educational consultancy services to students who are passionate about studying abroad. EduconIndia Medical is a recognized overseas student consultancy organization and a preferred destination for its Student Training and Consultancy Programs targeting Global Professional Entrance Exams including the USMLE. EduconIndia Medical has partnered with Saint James School of Medicine to provide prospective students from India access to the high quality and affordable medical education by one of the leading Caribbean medical schools.

Study Medicine Europe can help to make your academic dreams a reality. We can prescribe your professional future, starting by securing a place for your medical studies abroad, in English-taught programmes, at the most affordable European and Caribbean medical schools!


GEC has consistently delivered sound, robust, in-depth and best teaching practices that prepare our students for challenges in the the global space. Over the years, we have instilled unparalleled moral values and honed leadership qualities in our students leveraging progressive curricular and extra-curricular methodologies. The collaboration with Saint James School of Medicine further strengthens the list of programs we can offer to our student. The SJSM medical program is one of the strongest in the Caribbean and we are happy to be able to deliver this opportunity to students in Africa.

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