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Research in medicine is not only laboratory work. It is about improving practice, retrieval of information, critical analysis of the literature, the never ending search for the evidence about best diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and much, much more.

Research in medicine is lifelong learning order to graduate from the MD program at Saint James School of Medicine, you will need to demonstrate your proficiency in medical research. A strong research project will strengthen your residency application.

During Basic Sciences at Saint James, you will learn and practice how to understand the research methods thoroughly. You will write a hypothesis and design a research project, how to collect and evaluate data and communicate the knowledge to others, and how to think scientifically and critically for the rest of your professional life.

During clinical rotations, you will have the opportunity to participate in research projects and to present clinical and scientific information clearly and cogently, both orally and written, to colleagues and other health professionals.

You will formally document your engagement in research activity in your graduation paper. Your graduation paper can be in the areas of basic, clinical or applied medical science.  It can be experimental research, clinical trial, epidemiological, observational or clinical study or it can be a critical interpretation of the scientific literature based on the principles of evidence based medicine. You can choose a topic for your research project from your own areas of medical interest. You can also take part in international research projects, or join long term research projects conducted by professors at Saint James School of Medicine. In Saint James School of Medicine, you will:

  • Get essential and critical knowledge in medicine.
  • Get the skills and abilities to implement that knowledge.
  • Develop commitment to pursue lifelong learning.
  • Get financial and logistic support for conducting and disseminating your research in reputable journals and at reputable conferences.


SJScience is the online journal of research activities at Saint James School of Medicine.


Anguilla Research

St. Vincent Research

Dean of Administration Bruce Davidson PhD and MD2 Cristy M. know that research is essential to the learning experience of med students. They discuss they types of research students are doing, as well as the diversity of research on the island.


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