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We are excited to announce that we have partnered with several universities and colleges for a pre-medical program that will allow students to earn the 90 college credits hours required to attend MD program offered by SJSM. 

  • Once students have earned their 90 credits from one of our partner schools, they have guaranteed acceptance into Saint James School of Medicine, with no further review of credentials.
  • At Saint James School of Medicine, students will study basic science courses for 20 months at one of our two Caribbean medical school campuses, Anguilla or St Vincent.  Then proceed into clinical rotations in the U.S. for 20 months.
  • The 10 semester SJSM program takes you through the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 examinations, to your graduation with your Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.
  • This career path enables students to fast track their MD dream by reaching residency in as little as 5 years after high school, as opposed to the regular 9 year plan.
  • Remember, students do not require an undergraduate degree or MCAT score at SJSM.

Our Partners

Americare Technical School, Chicago, US

Americare Technical School thrives in bringing together students of many types of cultural backgrounds to study the field of nursing. Once a student completes 107 credits they will have obtained a Licensed Practical Nursing Certificate. From there on the student can bridge into Saint James School of Medicine to become a Physician. By having this bridge program it motivates students to realize the possibilities are endless. They will no longer have to compete with millions of students across the country to get into medical school. By attending Americare Technical school a student is one step closer to working in the field of medicine.

More about our partnership with Americare Technical School

CIMT College, Toronto, Canada

Saint James School of Medicine is honoured to partner with CIMT College in Canada, a Private Career College operating with a 20 Year Record of Success. Working together, it is our goal to educate and graduate new doctors for North America, the Caribbean, and the World.

CIMT College has campuses in Malton, Brampton, Mississauga, and Scarborough in Ontario, and Vancouver in British Columbia. CIMT College is a premier choice in Canada, offering Education and Training for Success… Since 1998.

More about Partnership with CIMT College, Canada

Royal Crown College, Toronto, Canada

Royal Crown College of Business and Technology in partnership with Saint James School of Medicine offers the only North American fast track bridge Pre-medical Program which allows high school graduates (K12) to earn MD degree within 5.5 years. The premedical program is delivered at the state of the art teaching facility conveniently located in the heart of Toronto @ Eglinton Ave. and Yonge Street.

More About Partnership with RCCBT, Canada

MCC’s PREMEDICAL, Mississauga, Canada

MCC’s PREMEDICAL (Pre-Med) program, offered in Mississauga, saves you years and thousands of dollars with guaranteed admission to several medical schools or Universities with clinical rotations in the US and/or Canadian hospitals. Our Program accepts high school graduates and early years college students with basic entry-level requirements; this allows us to teach all the needed skills and comprehensive knowledge to be successful in the 4–years long Medical School program. Students will go through five 14-16 weeks long academic semesters, 90 credits program in less than 2 years.

More About Partnership with MCC, Canada


For more information please email us at or call our Admissions Department directly at 847-375-9173.

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