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Health Fair Program

The best way to address a need for the accessible primary health screening is by going to the community – not expecting the community to come to a clinic. The SJSM Health Fair Program is designed just like that. Screenings and education of the Bonairean population are performed during regular annual Health Fair Days, during Rincon Day, the Regatta, Christmas Fair…using SJSM facilities and the equipment, in spaces provided by local authorities, under the tents, in the schools…They are conducted by SJSM students, under the supervision of the faculty. Through the Health Fair program, SJSM students provide early detection of health problems, increase health awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle in Bonairans for the benefit of the:


Each visitor is provided with the opportunity for counseling, review of health history, of screening results, attention to potential risk areas, determination of personal health goals, and answers to general health questions. Any results outside the normal ranges are, of course, referred to the attending clinician for further management.


The analysis and the interpretation of the results collected over several years can be used for public health surveillance. The results also provide valuable information to the Public Health Department and may guide its further actions: priority setting, planning, implementing, and evaluating the efforts in the prevention and the control of the diseases – as outlined in the poster below:

Waist circumference, hip circumference, body mass index and percent body fat, as risk factors for hypertension in the Bonairean population

by Yvette Mbangowah and Faith Nwokorie

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med school research: BMI as risk factors for hypertension
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