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Visual fields

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul – they provide 90% of all sensory information to both sides of your brain. Guess what happens if a part of this pathway is damaged!

Is it important to know where the damage is? Sure it is. Will we open the skull to find out? Of course not. Visual field testing to locate the damage is much more convenient for the patient – but not too much favored by medical students… No wonder: both the definition: “visual field is spatial array of visual sensations available to observation in introspectionist psychological experiments” and the understanding of testing of “the range within which objects are visible to the immobile eyes at a given time” are… well…hmm… just ask medical students how they feel about the interpretation of visual fields tests!

Or, better, see how they are doing it in SJSM and how they present the findings on the Science day:

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Medical student research on vision
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