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Issue No 24.

Spring 2015


Controversial role of radiation therapy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Angela D. Vitello


Pancreatic cancer is usually a fatal disease. The average life expectancy following diagnosis is only 5 to 8 months, only 20% patients survive a year following the diagnosis and only 5% of them make it past the five-year. Main reasons are: pancreatic cancer is considered to be a systemic disease; it is difficult to diagnose in early stages, its anatomical position makes a surgery challenging, it spreads rapidly and usually to areas difficult to reach.


So – surgery is usually not the option. The choice between chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy is the decision that will affect the survival, quality of life of the patient, the whole family life…


It is expected that the doctor will offer the best advice. And best advices are based on the evidences. How SJSM students are practicing where and how to look for the evidence in the best interest of the patient is presented below.



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