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Issue No 30.

Spring 2017


Your roommate woke up with a headache on Sunday morning and decided to ask Dr Google what it can be. He tested positive via Google to:  nausea: yes, vomiting: yes; lethargy, yes; increased thirst, yes; dizziness: yes! Did he have a head trauma yesterday? Wow! He was so drunk when he came home after the party that he cannot remember, but – wait! Here is another symptom: memory loss!

Simple hangover? Hmmm… maybe – but it could also be early onset dementia or meningitis or ruptured brain aneurysm or a brain tumor or vasculitis… Should he call the ambulance?

Seems that your roommate just joined the club of people whose fear of the unknown worsens as they seek information about particular real or imagined symptoms on the Internet. People having in fact symptoms of the cyberchondria.

SJSM students decided to conduct a research on this new disorder and if you click on the poster – you will see the results presented on the Science day:


The Effects of Health Related Internet Searches on Patient Anxiety, Patient Health and the Development of Cyberchondria

Anjelika Evangelopoulos, Chasity Serrano, Natashia Turner and Christine Janke

Mentor: Dr. Rana Zeine


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