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Issue No 33.

Fall 2017

Focus and Concentration in a Fasting State Compared to Non-fasting State in Medical School Students

 By Marc Bacarro, Nathan Graham, Nazeer Hyder, Nicole Rosteski and Amelia Winczura

We live in a food obsessed world. We know a lot about diets, nutrients,  and lifestyles, but we don’t know how the hunger and satiety in general affect mental activity.

We are familiar with that “butterflies in the stomach” knot and appetite loss before the exam. Does fasting contribute to the passing score or to the failure?

We live in the age of computer games. Focus and concentration are needed to successfully climb from one game level to another. Can we use computer games for a research beyond computer skills?

SJSM students had fun investigating the effects of fasting on focus and concentration while playing popular computer games. Did they find the answer to the question: should we fast or should we indulge ourselves in food before the exam?.

Let’s see.

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