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To the readers

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of our dear colleague, Professor Dean Emeritus Dr. Bruce Davidson.

Since he joined SJSM, more than 9 years ago, Dr. Davidson was deeply involved in the research: the design of the Research in Health and Medicine course and its improvements, leading and mentoring research projects, and disseminating the results of the research at conferences and through publications. He named our online journal: SJScience and was the member of its Editorial Board till his death.

It is very hard to imagine that a person of such an extraordinary vitality, adventurous, witty, enthusiastic, so passionate and energetic, is gone. It will take time to begin to assimilate this loss. He will be fondly remembered by many colleagues, students, and staff at SJSM.

A few posters (out of many) are selected in a remembrance of his research devoted to the biochemistry and his great love: sea life.

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