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Issue No 56

Spring 2022


The Benefits of Integrative Medicine in the Management of Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review


By Hirak Trivedi, Tara Avrit, Leah Chan, De Mauria Burchette

Supervisor / Mentor : Dr. Rajni Rathore


Pain is a subjective experience with many dimensions: physical, sensory, behavioral, spiritual, socio-cultural, cognitive, affective… Now imagine the life of a patient whose pain extends over several months. Practically all aspects of their life will suffer. That kind of pain requires different diagnostic approaches, comprehensive management strategies, and treatment that is often multidisciplinary and always individual. In other words: the treatment of chronic pain requires the implementation of both conventional and alternative medicine.

SJSM students wanted to take a deeper look at the efficacy of the integration of conventional and alternative medicine in some common chronic pain conditions. Here is what they found:

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