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Issue No 60.

Spring 2023




Assessing Clinical Outcomes and Monitoring A1C Levels in patients living with diabetes in Anguilla in Reference to the Aegle Glucose Monitoring Technology:

a Longitudinal Cohort Study

By: Rachel Beauielu, Amanda Lepkyj, Corvonn Peebles, Taha Al Youssif, Aseel Alhiri and Atemkeng Tazi

Mentor: Dr. Claude-Bernard Iliou


Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing health problem in the world. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an adjunct to diabetes management. There is strong evidence that CGM use in people with type 1 diabetes benefits in reducing glycated hemoglobin and hypoglycemic episodes with increased time in range. Evidence of the results of CGM use in type 2 diabetes is not so robust.

SJSM students wanted to evaluate the effects of CGM use on glycemic variability in patients with type 2 diabetes. If the obtained information benefits patients more than the standard of care – CGM use pulls diabetes management closer to personalized medicine with many other advantages.

Their research was a part of SJSM community activities, was supervised by local physicians, and there was no violation of ethical standards of research and publishing.


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