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Saint James School of Medicine offers a recognized and competitive program for students who ultimately want to enter a residency or begin other careers in the field of medicine.  Graduates of the school have been accepted into residency in many different fields of medicine and many of them are now licensed physicians as well.  Graduates have also pursued different career paths, most commonly in medical research or teaching.

In order to assist students to have a better understanding of the different options they will have at the end of our MD program, SJSM has Residency Counseling as well as Career Counseling available to students.  Throughout the program students are exposed to different resources and experiences to help them choose the best mixture of coursework, networking, and volunteer work to take part in in order to better prepare them for the career of their choice.  One example is the annual Meet-and-Greet between recent graduates who have matched for residency and students who will be applying shortly.

Students also have access to the Office of the Dean of Clinical Sciences, where a representative of the Dean can assist them in selecting and preparing for the residency and career of their choice.  Students are also welcome to send their questions to either careercounseling@mail.sjsm.or or, where a representative of the school will be able to answer any questions the student has.  Students can also get more information about the residency process and career options on MySJSM-Clinical:

Please find a sample list of our residents SJSM Sample Residency List

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