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Meet and get to know the advisors of Saint James School of Medicine that can help you further enjoy your studies. Watch the videos below from the advisors themselves to see why SJSM is right for you!


Jennifer VanDeCarr – Supervisor, Enrollment and Admissions

Jennifer VanDeCarr
Supervisor, Enrollment and Admissions

Jennifer has been with Saint James School of Medicine for six years as of June, 2017. Throughout the past six years, she has seen SJSM blossom into the institution it is today. In her role as supervisor of enrollment and admissions, Jennifer has been able to travel around the world meeting medical students. Her favorite part about working at SJSM is helping medical school students enroll and match for residency. Jennifer has a Bachelors degree in History which is one of the reasons she loves traveling throughout the Caribbean islands and exploring their rich cultural background. Jennifer’s biggest tip for SJSM students is to stay focused, remember that every day is a small part of their journey and never forget the end goal. Time management will always be your friend.


Jennifer tells us how you can build your Professional Resume at Saint James



Mohammad Mirza – Senior Admissions Advisor

Mohammad Mirza
Senior Admissions Advisor

The Mission Statement is what attracted him most to work at Saint James – helping motivated students realize their dream of a medical career, irrespective of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Using innovative teaching methods to shape the minds and spirits of our students and help transform them into compassionate healers of the human body and mind. What he enjoys most about his job is being able to help students from various backgrounds with all the same passion for medicine. He also enjoys all of the success stories he hears from his students – such as completing Basic Sciences, passing Step 1, obtaining competitive residencies and the list goes on! His one piece of advice to students is to form study groups – it’s very beneficial!


Check out what Mohammad has to say about Clinical Training



Ryne Haberkorn – Senior Admissions Advisor

Ryne Haberkorn
Senior Admissions Advisor

Ryne plays an instrumental role on the staff at SJSM as a Senior Admissions Advisor. He’s an avid music lover as well as sports fan for the Chicago Cubs, Bears and Bulls. Ryne has been with Saint James School of Medicine for 5 years where he gets to help students figure out their career path in medical school and allow their dream of becoming a doctor to turn into a reality.


Ryne discusses how a dedicated and experienced faculty will benefit you





Nicole Lasco – Admissions Advisor

Nicole Lasco
Admissions Advisor

As an Admissions Advisor, I really enjoy getting the opportunity to learn about each student’s unique background while helping to assist them in the start of a rigorous medical school journey. Everyone knows that medical school is difficult, but the admissions process should not be. That being said, I am happy to be an informational resource to break down any obstacles that may be in the way for prospective students.


Nicole tells us what makes Saint James better





Lisa King – Document Specialist

Lisa King
Document Specialist

Working at Saint James as a document specialist is a rewarding and special experience for me. As a college student, I’m very passionate about school and I understand the overall struggles most students go through which fuels me to be the best help I can be. It is an honor to be a part of helping all students enter medical school to one day graduate and become a doctor. As a document specialist, I will make sure that you are properly prepared to enter medical school and will give you advice to be the best you can be in your educational career and as an individual. I look forward to working with all students and never forget to push yourself beyond all limits and be all you can be! “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

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