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SJSM Alumni are working as doctors throughout the U.S. and Canada in a wide array of specialties, helping patients and making a difference.  This page is dedicated to those who followed their dreams. Here are some highlights featuring some of our graduates.

Dr. Josefina Batista, M.D. SJSM 2015

Riverside Medical Group – Primary Care Associates-Kankakee, Kankakee, IL


Sharisse Holinej, M.D. SJSM 2015

Navarro Regional Hospital, Corsicana, TX


Dr. Noah Simon, M.D. SJSM 2015

Sinai Health System, Chicago, IL


Dr. Lidya Golub, M.D. SJSM 2015

Sinai Health System, Chicago, IL


Dr. Karen Avgush, M.D. SJSM 2015

Wellspan York Hospital, York, PA


Dr. Saad Mohsin, M.D. SJSM 2015

Mercy Health System, Janesville, WI


Dr. Quang David Cao, M.D. SJSM 2015

Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine, Madison, WI


Dr. Maria Azeem, M.D. SJSM 2014

Baptist Family Medicine, Montgomery, AL


Dr. Faegh Aderangi, M.D. SJSM 2013

Trover Baptist Health Clinic, Madisonville, KY


Dr. Melissa Johanne Sandrasagra, M.D. SJSM 2012

Creighton University Medical Center, Omaha, NE


Dr. Neenu Prasad, M.D. SJSM 2011

Loyola University Medical Center, Atlanta, GA


Dr. Gorica Milojevic, M.D. SJSM 2011

Sterling Heights Outpatient service center, Southfield, MI


Dr. Jothis C. Jose, M.D. SJSM 2011

Lakeshore medical clinic-Aurora Healthcare, Aurora, IL


Dr. Sheri L. Pierce, M.D. SJSM 2011

Aurora Healthcare, Chicago, IL


Dr. Noorain Akhtar, M.D. SJSM 2010

Butterfield Family Medical  Associates, Chicago, IL


Dr. Smita Varade, M.D. SJSM 2010

Internal Medicine Clinic, Milwaukee, WI


Dr. Sandhya Tiwade Kurian, M.D. SJSM 2009

Alton Multi Specialists, Norman, OH


Dr. Raafia Muhammad, M.D, MPH. SJSM 2009

Texas Department of State Health Services, Austin, TX


Dr. Ronald Pyram, M.D. SJSM 2007

Private practice/med clinic, Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Gorica Milojevic, M.D. SJSM 2009

Sterling Heights Outpatient service center, Sterling Heights, MI


Dr. Pooja Madan, M.D. SJSM 2009

Aurora Saint Lukes Family Practice, Milwaukee, WI


Dr. Rishi Sarkar, MD. SJSM 2008

Institute for Rheumatic and Autimmune Diseases, Summit, NJ


Dr. Jobin K John, M.D. SJSM 2007

Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL


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