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Informing the Clinical Services of changes to the rotation schedule is solely the responsibility of each student and is absolutely necessary to ensure that proper credit is received and recorded.  Any rotations that are arranged with affiliated hospitals and preceptors can be updated by filling out the Clinical Rotation Form.


You cannot submit an update if your rotation is with a non-affiliate party.  Those rotations must be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Dean of Clinical Sciences and an official agreement must be created.  In order to proceed in arranging for an elective on your own, please make sure to follow the guidelines included in the Policy on Approving Elective Rotations Sites and submit your application form, along with any supporting documentation to the Clinical Services.  Once approved, you can submit the Clinical Rotation Form and have your schedule updated.


If you are extending, shortening, or cancelling an existing rotation that you are scheduled for, please contact the Clinical Services before filling out the form.


To proceed in submitting the Clinical Rotation Form and update your schedule, please click here

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