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Saint James School of Medicine’s faculty is made up of accomplished medical professionals dedicated to scientific instruction and academic excellence. All faculty members hold an M.D., a Ph.D., or both.

Many of our teachers are medical school professors from the US and Canada, who have moved to the Caribbean to enjoy the laid back island lifestyle and follow their vocation of teaching medical students to become the physicians of the future. Saint James School of Medicine faculty offer you tutoring, mentoring, one-on-one guidance, and research support.

“It’s definitely a very rigorous academic schedule, it keeps you on your toes…the subjects you are learning are very intense, and it’s quite challenging so it’s really good to have a good faculty behind you. ”

Joanne N., student, Saint James School of Medicine




Aisha Andrewin, MBBS, MSPH, MPH, PhD
Subjects: Epidemiology

Alisa Chebotarova, MD Biochemistry
Subjects: Physiology, RHM 3

Birendra Raj Tiwari, PhD, MS
Subjects: Microbiology

Dina Foy, MBBS, DCH
Subjects: PDI

Ievgen Chebotarov, MD, Ph.D
Subjects: Neuroscience, RHM 1

Kenneth Sterling, PhD
Subjects: Biochemistry, Genetics

Melchor Bareng, PhD
Subjects: Histology

Mykhailo Vysochyn, MD, PhD
Subjects: Biochemistry, PDCM

Oluwakemi M. Linda Banks, PhD
Subjects: Psychology

Samira Abdul Wajid, MD
Subjects: Microbiology, CCBS3

Samith Ahmed, MD
Subjects: Pathology

Santosh R. Malwade, MBBS, MS
Subjects: Anatomy, Embryology

Sreenivasa Gadireddy, MBBS, PG Diploma (Clinical Neurology)
Subjects: Physical Diagnosis (PDI), Pathology

Sunil Jonathan Holla, MBBS, MS
Subjects: Anatomy

William J Cobb, D.Sc., PGC Anatomy
Subjects: Anatomy

Yeshwanth Rao Karkal, MBBS, MD (Medical Pharmacology)
Subjects: Pharmacology, Ethics


Aleksandar Dusic, MD, MS
Subjects: Ethics, Physiology

Andreas Reymann, MD
Subjects: Pharmacology

Daphne Santosh, MSc. (Med. Microbiology), MS (Mol. Medicine), PhD
Subjects: Microbiology

Dmitrii Bolgov, MD, PhD
Subjects: Physiology and CCBS 2

Elizabeth Bibby, MD
Subjects: Genetics, Embryology and CCBS

Jennifer George, MD, MS
Subjects: Embryology

Jugesh Khanna, MBBS, MS Anatomy
Subjects: Histology, Anatomy

Maria Picu, MD, FACP, LMCC
Subjects: Pathology, BSRC

Phani Kumar Kathari, MBBS
Subjects: Microbiology and BSRC

Victoria Minakova, PhD
Subjects: Biochemistry and RHM 1



Benjamin G. Lumicao, MD, FACC, FACP

Ravinder Kenue, PhD, MS
Associate Executive Dean of Basic Sciences

Bhagwan Das Jain, MD, FACC
Dean of Clinical Sciences

Branka Filipovic, MD
Head of Research

Violeta Nikolova, MD
Assistant Dean of Clinical Sciences


Claude-Bernard lliou, MD
Dean of Basic Sciences
Subjects: Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Anatomy

Jose Ramirez S., MD
Dean of Administration
Subjects: Pathology, Physical Diagnosis (PDI)

Kateryna Shyshkova, MD, PhD
Dean of Student Affairs
Subjects: Physical Diagnosis (PDI), Clinical Medicine


Alexey Pryakhin, MD, PhD
Dean of Basic Sciences
Subjects: Anatomy, Histology, Embryology

Praveen Renumala, MBBS
Dean of Administration
Subjects: PDCM, CCBS and BSRC

Mirjana Milutinovic, MD, MS
Dean of Student Affairs
Subjects: Physical Diagnosis (PDI), Neuroscience


Arnulfo Delgado, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Clerkship Director – Pediatrics

Fred Tiesenga, MD
Core Clerkship Director (Surgery)
West Suburban

Mark Tomera, MD
West Suburban

Mohammed Qureshi, MD
Internal Medicine
West Suburban

Mohammed T. Hussain, MD
Core Clerkship Director (Internal Medicine)
Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

Monique Brotman, MD, D.O
Core Clerkship Director (OB/GYN)
West Suburban Hospital

Peter Eupierre, MD
Internal Medicine
West Suburban

Ruksana S. Nazneen, MD
Core Clerkship Director (Family Medicine)
Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago

Teresa Poprawski, MD
Core Clerkship Director (Psychiatry)

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